Wedding Anniversary

Hurm...pejam celik pejam celik...lusa(sabtu) genaplan 2 thn usia perkahwinan utk fiza and hubby...rasa mcm kjap sedih la jugak cz until now belum dikurniakan rezki anak lg.. Utk tahun ni azam fiza try to conceive la...insha'Allah...Smga dipermudahkan..

So..fiza ade surf sket2 pasal Wedding Anniversary

Tips on How to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary This Year

Marriage is wonderful and a bit complicated. It is a serious commitment between two individuals. That commitment should be remembered no matter how long you have been together for a long time. It is a promise that the couple made in front of witnesses, not just on the wedding day but for the days and years beyond. It is a commitment that makes two people willing to grow old together no matter what the circumstances.

Being married is not that easy. The sweet, rough, pain and happy moment that you both have been through together and your marriage bond still going strong from year to year is something for both of you to be proud of.

And this year, do something different to celebrate your wedding anniversary from the previous year.

Go for vacation

It such a long time you both have never gone for a vacation. Take a break. Apply for a week's leave. Sit down together and discuss where to go. But, please, no fighting over the decision of the place to go. Think of a place that you both like to go. List down of all the places in a piece of paper and don't forget about the budget. Going for a vacation is not meant to be broke after coming back from the vacation. The kids? What about the kids? There are two solutions. Whether you leave them behind with someone you trust, such as your parents or your in-laws or you take them along. But, beware. You both might be very tired after the vacation with the kids.

Do fun activities together
Is there an activity that you both love doing it together but don't have the time? Activity such as, cycling, hiking, camping, riding on a hot air balloon, boating, riding horses or even going to movie together. If yes, this is the time. Take a leave and off you go, please. You will realize there is so much of missing moments between both of you.

Dine out or specially cook
If you both can't take leave, celebrate it romantically with candle light dinner either at your favorite restaurant or at home. If you are to celebrate at home, cook something special. Talking about cooking something special, wife do you still remember what was your 1st cooking after you got married? An over cooked meal with a burned fish? Perhaps you can still cook the dish but give it a slight better cooking this time. Ask your husband, "Do you still remember my 1st cooking for you?" Let's hear his answer then. The situation might also be vice versa, where the husband was the one who cooked 1st time after got married.

If you choose to have outside dinner, I would suggest that you both go to the first dining restaurant that you went for your dating last time. It will bring back nostalgia to both of you.

Drop a special note
On the day of the anniversary, husband, leave a note on the dressing table or on the bath room mirror or stick it at the refrigerator before you go to work. A simple note saying that, "Honey, I love you. Thanks for being me after all these years." Well, you can compose a better love notes than I am. If you find hard to compose one, get a book on love notes from or Or, take a lyric from a love song that you both enjoy listening.

Traditional gifts

Husband, if you are planning to give a traditional gift for your wife such as flowers, please put an add-on to it. You can combine flowers with chocolate; flowers with keepsake box; flowers with ticket to movie show; flowers with aromatherapy massage oil or flowers with jewelry.

Wife, if you are planning to give a gift for your husband, perhaps you can get him a set of toiletries of his favorite designer fragrances, a new shirt with his favorite color, tickets to his favorite sports event or gifts that are related to his hobby. Not another socks, ties, undergarment please.

Seeds of Love

Husband/wife, your spouse enjoys gardening. Choose few packets of vegetables seeds or flower seeds of her/his favorite selection and wrap it in a pot where the plant going to be plant. Write down a note saying that "Let's plant together our Seeds of Love and let our love grow each minute, each day, each week, each month and years". (Our note is just an example. You can compose a better one that ours.) And, do plant the seeds together. Choose a special moment for both of you to plant it.

Create "Do You Still Remember This Moment?" Scrapbook

Do you have a memorable photo apart from your wedding photo? A long time vacation photo, a birthday photo, any photo which the event was a memorable one. Pick as much photos as you can and start doing your "Do You Still Remember This Moment?" scrapbook. With this type of creative memory scrapbooks, memories come back to life when the books are viewed. Pictures make more sense as they are paired with words or laid out in an organized fashion. Reliving moments preserved in the scrapbooks could be a good way to keep family ties and strengthen bonds. Additionally, well kept books could serve as heirlooms that would keep a family's legacy throughout the coming generations.

The renewal of vows

The renewal of vows is a ceremony where a couple relives their commitment and vows to reaffirm their love and devotion to one another. The couple can set a date that will coincide with the date they celebrated their original wedding. Many couples prefer to renew their vows on the exact date of the 10th, 20th, 25th, or 50th anniversary of their wedding. These are significant dates that they cherish, despite the trials in life as married couples. It is also important and significant to many couples who wish to celebrate their marriage with their families and friends. This celebration is very significant to many couples because they would once again affirm their commitment be unified with love.

Time is a luxury that people do not have. There are things that are beyond the control of people that are unforeseen which happen in the blink of an eye. The best thing to do is spend quality time together no matter how short or long, making each other feel loved and special at all times, even though if it is not yet your anniversary day to celebrate.

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E.L.I.Z.A said...

wow byk gok tips nk best..aku lambat lg la nk celeb8..ujung thn ni la pulok hehehe

btw, aku tetap doakan mu cepat² dpt baby...

$ue @nim said...

eppy anniversary.. aku doakan ko cepat2 dpt rezeki anak... amin..

FIeZa said...

Thanks weh eliza and animarina....
aku pong x sabar pgnant smula...huhuuhu..dah xingat simptom lame..ahaks...

tapi..malam smalam aku demam..tpaksa cancel plan nkg hanimun kat br leh akat palo uduh2...huhu

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